Taste the Future

Bistrobot makes robots that make sandwiches. No more long lines and no more wrong orders, just good food fast. And the coolest part is you get to watch a robot make you lunch! For our first location, we'll be serving simple sandwich favorites like peanut butter and jelly. Come check out our prototype at Andi's Market! We'll be making upgrades regularly, so be sure to stay up to date on the latest by following us on Twitter and Facebook. Please contact us if you're interested in hearing more.

Now Serving


Peanut Butter, Nutella, Blackberry Jam
Homemade Strawberry Jam, Apple Butter


Cinnamon, Chai Powder
Past Toppings: Crushed Potato Chips & Apple Slices


Nature's Own Butterbread
Regular or Toasted


Fast, modular, and
above all, delicious

Easy to set up — We can install the machine in minutes and it's good to go.

Easy to use — It's designed to just work and intuitive to use.

Entertaining — Have you ever watched a robot make you a sandwich before?

Tasty — The sandwiches are consistently delicious.

Customizable — This may be the only vending machine that allows you to customize your order - and the machine can be customized too.

We are also developing robots for restaurants. We want to make restaurants smaller, faster, and more consistent. If you are interested in hearing more, please contact us via




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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us with any other questions you may have!

  • Where can I get one?

    We currently have one machine installed at Andi's Market in Bernal Heights @ 820 Cortland Avenue. We are looking to install more machines around the Bay Area so please let us know if you have suggestions!

  • What is the price of the sandwich?

    Each sandwich costs $2.50 for the first 3 ingredients, and each additional ingredient is 25¢.

  • Can you do meat and cheese?

    We have developed modules in our lab for meat and cheese and hope to bring these to customers soon, but we are not ready to install them on public machines.

  • Can I get one for my company?

    We would love to install these machines at corporate locations in the Bay Area! Please contact us via and we will try to set something up!

  • How would the catering work?

    You give us a time and a place and an estimate for the number of sandwiches desired, and we work out a menu together to make sure it meets your needs. Our catering menu is somewhat limited, but it is much more diverse than what we have on display at the store (and we are excited to try new things!).

  • What if I am a vegetarian?

    You're in luck! Currently all of the food made by Bistrobot is vegetarian.

  • Gluten free?

    At the moment we do not offer gluten free bread at our vending units, although we can easily accommodate this for catering.

  • How often does the machine need to be cleaned?

    Less often than you think! Right now we provide all of the necessary maintenance to ensure the machines are operating smoothly. We deep clean the machines weekly (when it is only required monthly) by washing every food contact surface with a food grade detergent. We are developing a system that would virtually eliminate the need for cleaning entirely and hope to have it ready soon!